Accommodation – Definitions of Accommodation Types

Accommodation Styles

Ever wondered what hotels can be found when you are travelling? This is a look into, and in some cases a meaning of, the most typical and popular hotels available.

Bed and Breakfasts

A conventional Bed and Breakfast, or ‘B & B’ because they are frequently denoted, is really a residence or property where both proprietors and visitors live underneath the same roof. A Bed and Breakfast is frequently a sizable family house that has either been particularly converted, or purpose built, to support visitors in their own individual rooms, and often with private bathrooms. In some instances bathrooms might be shared among visitors. The hosts live on a single premises because the visitors, usually inside a separate area of the Bed and Breakfast. As suggested by its name this accommodation option includes both bed along with a delicious breakfast freshly cooked, or prepared, every morning through the hosts.

All-in-one Accommodation

All-in-one Accommodation provides all of the facilities you might require to reside. Some facilities, for example laundry, might have to be shared however your accommodation includes full cooking facilities along with a refrigerator. All-in-one accommodation can differ from quaint historic cottages, functional homes, cabins, and modern apartments. The all-in-one option is fantastic for families, groups and individuals who would like a little more privacy.


Hotel accommodation usually includes a room by having an ensuite bathroom and lounge area, though some rooms in hotels tend to be more like large apartments and fully all-in-one. Many hotels includes as well as in-house restaurant, pool and could offer conference facilities.


This type of accommodation has changed in the word mixture of ‘Motorist’ and ‘Hotel’ to provide a ‘Motel’. Motels are actually accommodations for individuals individuals with vehicles who are able to drive to the doorways of the rooms. The rooms usually contain a bed room as well as an ensuite bathroom, though some motels (or Motor Inns) provide apartment style, fully all-in-one options.


Farmstays can be found on rural qualities and provide visitors accommodation as well as an chance to see daily farm existence and it is activities. Farmstays accommodation will often contain an objective built unit or cabin outside of the primary farm homestead and could be either fully all-in-one or at least be considered a bed room with ensuite and also the chance to consume using the hosts.