Best of Buddies: How to Enjoy a Great Vacation with Friends

If you spend a lot of time in the company of some great buddies it can be a natural progression of your friendship to extend that bond to take a vacation together.

Going on holiday with a group of friends can work out brilliantly and everyone should have a great time but it is always a sensible idea to agree on some ground rules before you get there.

Here are some tips on how to make a group vacation memorable for all the right reasons, including an obvious sticking point that needs clarity, a suggested strategy for successful planning, plus the need to be prepared for a possible culture shock.

Don’t avoid the subject of money

If you already have a system that everyone is comfortable with when it comes to sharing the cost of a night out that’s a big plus, but going away together with so many financial aspects to the trip requires a discussion beforehand.

It’s not a good idea to take a relaxed view that you will sort the finances out as you go along as that creates the potential for some misunderstandings and maybe a big argument that could have been avoided.

Decide what costs you are going to split down the middle or who is paying for what when you are planning the trip, and make sure you are all on the same page when it comes to how much budget you are all working with.

Sort out an itinerary

If you are all in agreement with staying at somewhere like the Tysons Corner Marriott and everyone is comfortable with the cost of the hotel accommodation for your vacation, that is a good start to sorting out your travel itinerary.

Get your group of friends together to sort out the itinerary from where you are going to spend your time away, how you are going to get there and where you will stay once you arrive at the destination.

Having that discussion helps ensure everyone is happy with the plans and the potential costs plus it gives you all the opportunity to highlight any preferences or individual concerns that you might have.

Once you have an itinerary sorted your vacation plans can really take shape and you can all start getting excited about the trip, knowing that you have thrashed out all the major details, including the cost.

How well do you know each other?

If you see a group of friends for regular socializing but haven’t spent any time sharing the same roof for a few nights there could be a few surprises in store when it comes to routines and behaviors.

If you are all going to have your own hotel room it may not be that much of an issue but if you are going to share the bathroom and kitchen in rented accommodation for a week or so you might discover that your friends live differently to you in any number of ways.

The aim would be to respect each other’s style and space rather than getting annoyed if someone is not doing something the same way as you, and maybe offer a few hints about the trip to see if there are any noticeable differences of opinion or quirks that it could help to learn about before you all take a vacation together.