London Spots and Attractions That Were Part of Harry Potter Movie Scenes

If you are a fan of Harry Potter movies, then a visit to London is in order. The British capital offers plenty of sights and attractions that are related to the Harry Potter movies. So, if you draw up an itinerary of Harry Potter sites to see, you will want to make sure to visit the following attractions.

Alnwick Castle

Of all the attractions that are related to the Harry Potter movies, Alnwick Castle is the main spot to relive the adventures in memory of Hogwarts Castle. This special London site was seen in the Harry Potter movies “Chamber of Secrets” and “Philosopher’s Stone.”

Movie-makers seem to like this estate as it also has been featured in the movies “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and “Elizabeth.” Indeed, you can feel the magical ambiance surrounding the place, especially if you opt for strolling the grounds whilst on holiday.

The Millennium Bridge

This futuristic-like bridge was annihilated in the Harry Potter feature “Half-Blood Prince.” However, it remains intact in real life for London visitors who want to cross the connection on foot.

The Tower Bridge

Another site that stands out among Harry Potter in London sites is the Tower Bridge. This bridge, which was highlighted in the movie “Order of the Phoenix,” was the iconic landmark that served as a backdrop for Harry’s broomstick flight. Visit the Tower Bridge Exhibit where you can learn how the world-famous bridge works and its history. Breathtaking views are available above the River Thames.

The Reptile House at the London Zoo

If you watched “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” you no doubt are familiar with the Reptile House at London’s Menagerie. Although the creatures do not speak as in the movie, they still do a good job of crawling and slithering.

Leadenhall Market

This covered marketplace that was used for scenes in Harry Potter movies is now the ideal spot to enjoy a repast, wander about, or browse through the shops. Indeed, a visit to Leadenhall Market is a magical London excursion.

St Pancras Station and the King’s Cross Train Station

Another two Harry Potter sites of note include the train stations of St Pancras and King’s Cross. Whilst the St Pancras Station served as the location for outside shots in Harry Potter movie scenes, King’s Cross is the noted venue where Harry, along with his friends, catches the train to Hogwarts.

Piccadilly Circus

Another Harry Potter attraction of note is Piccadilly Circus. Even if you have not watched any Harry Potter movies, this is one holiday site you must see. Regardless, this free site enables you to follow in the footsteps of three of the movie’s protagonists, Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Piccadilly Circus, which is one busy square, is just a short jaunt away from such venues as Regent’s Street and Soho.

If you do not want to visit each of the sites individually, you can always take one of a number of guided tours. Tours are designed to direct guests by boat, bus, or foot to Harry Potter movie sites.