The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Hotels

Since the turn of the century, every industry has become more environmentally aware, and the hotel industry is no exception. Using huge amounts of energy, these large structures deliver a range of services to their clients, and technology has enabled us to identify areas where huge energy savings can be made. The pollution than an average hotel might create is another area that merits change, and precise recycling has very much taken care of most refuse that would otherwise be buried underground. Hotel management is now focused on saving energy, and with improved affordability, it is becoming financially feasible to become eco-friendly.

Clean Energy

Modern solar panels are a very effective way to heat a building, or indeed provide hot water, and by using clean energy, there is no pollution created and the source is renewable. By changing all the light bulbs to LED, this alone would result is a significant saving for a large hotel, and would be an excellent start. Solar power is fast becoming the preferred source of energy for most industries, and with the right equipment, a medium sized hotel could supply all the energy it needs, and that includes hot water. It might be that a small hotel can only generate a percentage of its energy needs, but the solar power system can be integrated with the national grid to ensure the hotel always has power. Even in colder climates, modern solar panels can receive adequate rays, even on a cloudy day, although countries that experience many hours of sunshine would benefit more, and let’s not forget windmills, which are becoming a serious alternative to fossil fuel energy. Here is an interesting article that looks at the pros and cons of clean energy, and examines the scientific implications.

Environmental Impact

The aim for any large organisation is to lessen their environmental impact, and this can be achieved in many different ways. A market leader in linen supply, Stalbridge Linen discuss how hotels can reduce their environmental impact, and with a lot of planning and a little investment, it is possible to dramatically reduce both energy consumption and pollution. People are in tune with environmentally friendly policies, and the fact that your hotel is very green, might well be a strong selling point, and could tempt eco-friendly advocates to spend some time in your establishment.

Economic Issues

Of course, any serious attempts to make your hotel more eco-friendly will involve a serious investment, but with clean energy set to become the norm, it would have to be done at some point or other. The long term benefits include huge savings on energy bills, and a cleaner environment for your customers, and with state of the art equipment, your energy use would be dramatically reduced, and over time, you would recoup your initial investment. Governments offer attractive incentives to companies that wish to become more eco-friendly, and with tax concessions and grants, many businesses are making the switch to clean energy.

Collective Response

If every large organisation were to become eco-friendly, the benefits for the planet would be enormous, and although you are not able to convince others to take the plunge, you would be leading by example. More and more businesses would see the financial and environmental benefits, and this will lead to a transformation of the way we derive our energy, which will probably be the saving factor for our planet. In truth, the clean energy market has been waiting for affordability to catch up, and with modern composite materials, a solar power system is quite affordable today. A business would look at the initial investment, and if they could see a return on that investment within 5 years, then it would be a viable proposition. One thing is for sure, more companies are seeing the economic and environmental benefits of clean energy, and with more affordable options available, clean energy will soon be the standard way to generate power.

The Best Promotion Ever

By becoming green, your hotel will instantly become a hit with many people who are also environmentally concerned. If a person is dedicated to doing whatever they can to preserve the planet, they would certainly prefer to stay in an eco-friendly hotel. It could be called a double edged sword for the hotel, as on the one hand, they make huge savings, while on the other hand, their green concept will draw in the customers. The future beckons us towards clean, renewable energy, which has only just become affordable commercially, so expect to see solar panels adorning the rooftops of many large buildings, as more and more businesses realise the long term savings that can be made. All hotels should have a concept, or theme, and an eco-friendly hotel would certainly appeal to many travellers, and when you consider the investment and the returns, it really is a smart move to not only become greener in your practices, but also include this in your concept.

More Efficient Management

Having an eco-friendly hotel would certainly mean a rise in efficiency, and this would be reflected in the service, which would be the strong point of the establishment. Outsourcing essential services like linen hire and kitchen maintenance, enables the management to focus on maintaining the high standard of service that your customers have come to expect. Hotel management can play another role in promoting eco-friendly practices by only buying organic produce, which will also be a healthier alternative for your guests, and by asking all of their suppliers about eco-friendly practices, the hotel would be encouraging their contractors to become greener. Some of the larger hotel chains are already taking significant steps to become greener, and this will improve their image and also result in lower running costs, something that every organisation strives for.

Hotels around the world are slowly becoming more environmentally aware, and with technology giving a helping hand, clean energy will soon be the only way to generate power, and hopefully, our children’s children will enjoy the wonders of nature, as we have.