Why Is Spain One Of The Best Walking Destinations In The World?

A walking holiday is one of the best ways to experience a country whilst you are getting lots of exercise at the same time.

You might be in two minds as to where you want to go for your holiday. If this is the case, why not choose quality walking holidays in Spain?

There are lots of reasons why this is a very good idea indeed. Read on in order to find out more.

Spain Is Home To Beautiful Cities

Spain is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world, that will excite and enchant you in equal measure. Why not take a walking tour around the famous cobbled streets of Las Ramblas in Barcelona? You might also want to check out the Old Town quarter of Madrid.

Spain Is Infused With North African Culture

Spain was once home to the Moors, who came over to Europe from North Africa in the 13th century. They infused Spain with their unique culture, which has touched everything from the food to the architecture.

You can even walk along the route that the Moors took as they were conquering the country. This route stretches between the towns of Cordoba and Granada. You will be able to sample delicious wines and marvel at the endless lemon fields that are dotted around the Andalusia region. You will really get a feel for this aspect of Spanish culture as you go for leisurely strolls around the towns and climb steep hills to look at stunning vistas.

Spain Is Home To Stunning Mountains

When people think of Spain, they often forget that the country has some of the most eye-catching mountains in the whole of Europe. The Pyrenees can be traversed by foot, but it is the mountains of the Sierra Nevada that are truly special. The mountains rise majestically, with ancient hillforts overlooking valleys and gorges. The layout of the Nevada Valley ensures that there is plenty of shade for you to take refuge from the heat. Along the way, you can stop at quaint little villages, where the pace of life is slow and the people are extremely friendly.

Spain Is Rugged And Wild

If you are looking for some adventure well off the beaten path in Spain, then you are in luck. The Aragon region is known to be one of the best wine-producing areas in the entire world. It is also relatively untouched by modern development, so you won’t see fast food restaurants or cities choked with traffic. Instead, you will be able to walk at a leisurely pace amongst unspoilt natural beauty. Visit various vineyards as you are walking, so that you can take part in tastings for some of the delicious wine that they produce.

Walking in Spain is an extremely rewarding experience. Use this guide to learn more.