Why the Right Linen Service Is Key to a Hotel’s Success

When anyone first enters a hotel room, their eyes naturally are drawn to the bed. Does it look inviting, cosy, and comfortable? What makes the difference in this respect? If your bed linens look clean and luxurious, then you will virtually ensure the success of a hotel property. Read these tips on how to run a successful hotel for more information.

Linens and Towels Should Be of a High Quality

The bathroom is also surmised in a similar way. Hotel customers assess the towels. Are they thick and nicely presented? Are they clean, luxurious, and soft? If so, they also pass inspection. So, if you want to make sure that your hotel guests are not disappointed by what they see, you need to make sure that your linens and towels are of a high quality.

Who to Choose as a Service Firm

This means you need to partner with a linen service company that features quality control checks for its linen and towels. That way, an assurance can be made that all your hotel’s customers will receive premium quality bed linens and towels. Work with a company that is flexible in its contract terms – one that has the ability to alter your requirements whenever needed.

Choose a Company with a Long-standing and Reputable Following

If you want to ensure complete guest satisfaction, it is essential that you work with a firm where you can hire high-quality linen that is specifically designed for luxury properties. Use a delivery company that covers most of the UK and is represented by an experienced staff that offers service second to none. You should have complete confidence that the company can meet your total linen and laundry needs.

Types of Bed Linens Offered by Linen Service Companies

Some of the bed linens that are offered in single to super-king sizes include the following:

  • Elite plain pillowcases and sheets
  • Elite satin pillowcases and duvet covers
  • Premium plain pillow cases and sheets
  • Premier stripe pillowcases and duvet covers

Towels are available in elite and premier styles that are used for the face, hand, and bath. Bath sheets and mats are also included in the offerings. You can acquire bath robes and leisure towels from linen services too.

Hiring a Linen and Laundry Service – What You Need to Do

In order to hire a linen service, you first need to contact them. You will need to sign the paperwork to confirm your service requirements. You will then be contacted by the company to make arrangements for the pick-up and delivery of your linens and towels. Soon afterwards, your first delivery of stock will take place.

Checking on Your Laundry Collection and Delivery

When this happens, the company’s customer service department takes over your account. They will make sure that you receive your delivery as anticipated. For example, all collections of linens and towels should be accompanied by a completed laundry ticket. Next, the commercial laundry service sends a monthly invoice. If you have any queries, you can always direct them to the customer service or billing departments in the company.

Checking Your Account Online

You are also given an online account portal so you can take a look at your account. That way, account details can be easily accessed online. You can view the information, copy your invoice, or review your linen usage during the month. The platform also covers such details as delivery times.

Keeping the Environment Safe and Sustainable

By hiring a linen service, energy efficiency is also enhanced. Plus, if the linen service uses well-maintained service vehicles, the CO2 emissions are reduced as well. The service you choose should plan their delivery routes with petrol savings and environmental sustainability in mind.

Following the Tenets of the Climate Levy Agreement

If the linen company also features a recycling programme, that is even better. It should also use energy-efficient machines and methods. By using the right techniques, a company can reduce its washing temperature by as much as 25%, its water use by 50%, and its utility use by over 35%. The detergents that are used should be biodegradable as well. The company you select then should be devoted to following the tenets of the Climate Levy Agreement in the UK, which has established a 2020 target goal of reducing energy use in the laundry industry by 25%.

High Water Use

By working with a well-reputed laundry and linen company, you too will reduce your own energy usage. After all, water use is high in hotels and other lodging properties. Therefore, hiring a laundry service is an economical and energy-efficient thing to do. The biggest uses of water, for instance, in are found in the restrooms, laundry facilities, landscaping operations, and kitchens.

When you do not hire your laundry services then, the cost of water can rapidly escalate. Therefore, it goes without saying – environmental conditions and operating costs are definitely influenced by hotel water usage and efficiency. Industry projections suggest that facilitating water-efficient practices in commercial properties can reduce operating costs by just over 10%, and energy and water usage by 10% and 15%, respectively.

Reuse Programmes

Therefore, hotel property owners can benefit significantly by using water-efficient practices through the upgrading of equipment and by making operational improvements. For example, besides hiring linen services, linen and towel reuse programmes in guest suites can also reduce the amount of laundry washed by as much as 17%.

Environmentally-Friendly Practices

That is why environmental sustainability is a leading element in making purchasing decisions and hiring linen and laundry services. Adopting water-efficient practices permits hotel owners to meet the environmental demands that have been placed on them in terms of operating an eco-friendly and “green” hotel. These demands also extend, as noted, to a hotel’s operating expenses and overall guest satisfaction ratings.

Today, commercial laundries are practicing energy- and water-intensive programmes to meet the ever-increasing challenges of rising utility costs and changing wastewater discharge criteria. Therefore, it is the goal of a linen and laundry service company to stay on the same page as the hotel clients they service. They do this by practicing environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient methods to lower costs, and to provide the best in laundry and linen services and delivery.